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I am alone

In a world of men

An outcast

In a club that should welcome me

No one told me

This would not come with ease

This signal is broadcasting

The beacon alight

And still and perhaps from now on

This eternal yearning

A need that begs and craves

And won't leave me peace

An abandoned shell

Bereft of the slightest satisfaction

A gift of nothing

An appetite not sated

A prayer unanswered


The butt of a joke

Vicious and cruel

The courtyard fool

An empty vessel

Adrift on the sea of nevermore

It's much like a tumor

That eats at my soul

Morsel by morsel

Piece by piece

A feast of lonliness

Awash on the shore

Of the land of the lost

Wax faces

Perfect to sight

But melt away with the touch

Love that I only feel

Through the pages of a Gary Reed novel

Wandering through a dream

Stubbornly refusing

To become a fulfilling reality

I missed my chance

By blinking too long

Opportunity eludes me

Always running around the corner

I cannot give up

The pursuit is all I know

Determined to collect

On the promise of happiness

Persuading the wind to lift me up

And blow me there

To the place where love is the fashion

And the wanting is a thing of the past

Wish me well

Wish me luck

That my journey is soon and quick




Tags: sadness

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