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Closet Ghosts


The ghosts in my closet

Are stirring again

Emotions flow from the faucet

Feeding the lion's den

Demons in disguise devour the flesh

Picking their teeth and screaming confessions

Limbs and hearts in a single mesh

Striking the soul with a deep depression

Floating haunting apparitions

Confined to a wooden cell

Separated by the partition

Dividing heaven and hell

Proclaiming vengeance, deluding faith

Laughter is a gravel voiced moan

Torrid storms in a malicious wraith

Raging fires of steel and stone

Playing out ironic little tragedies

My life, this funny little melodrama

Positioning the pawns for this strategy

Embracing pain like the Dalai Lama

Destroying life in the heat of  passion

The killer is filled with grace

Insatiable sex is the latest fashion

Touching his flawless face

I am the seer of all

The knower of none

I'm the belle of the ball

When I knock out the sun

I am the rose on the new fallen snow

I am the empty glass of ale

We are the blessed low

My boys I never fail




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