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At Last


Steam billows

Among the willows

Raging fires

Dancing on the wires

No compassion

In the overwhelming passion

Incredible sins

We know where you've been

Petty blue

Is calling to you

The show's begun

You missed your fun

Cut to the bone

You're all alone

Missed your chance

With my missionary glance

I've no sympathy

But you can have my apathy

Do my words smart?

Is the taste of truth too tart?

You were my vision

You were my mission

But now you'll never know

Because I'm letting you go

So tell me how it feels

Knowing you lost the deal

Don't you feel low?

Are you sad and full of woe?

No, probably not

I didn't miss a lot

Now be on your way

For I don't want you to stay

You are now my past

I am over you at last




Tags: lost love

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