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I don't think anyone seems to realize how lonely I am

Everything I do is for that someone special

I feel this loneliness to the very core of me

Everyone seems to have someone to hold except me

I know I shouldn't put so much stock in the fact

But I can't help it

It's all I want

It's all I crave

I don't think that's so wrong

Just once I'd like to know what it's like to have a warm body to sleep with

Someone to touch

Someone to hold

Someone to share my innermost secrets with

My darkest fears

My joys

My pains


I really don't think it's so wrong to keep a candle burning

For the hope of a love

Any love

I have so much love to give

But no one seems to want it

People tell me I should be patient

I have been patient-for 27 years

I have waited and saved myself

In hopes that someone special would come along

When do I get my turn?

I just want my shot

Just once

This loneliness causes so much pain

You wouldn't even believe

I just wish

My one wish is for someone

Anyone to step forth and connect with me

I don't think I'm asking too much

Just one person to say "I love you"

I need you

I want you

I want to be with you

Anything to end this pain

And fill this space that's been empty for so long

If there is a God in heaven

Won't you just please grant my one wish




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