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The Abyss


The angels they cry

The birds just don't fly

Can't do anything but sigh

All the flowers have died

Tender cheeks drenched in tears

Brave boy giving in to fear

Can't seem to think unless you're here

My eyes are so foggy, I can't see clear

Can't escape the pain

No shelter from the rain

All joy is in vain

Love letters are tear stained

I can't compete with a ghost

If you're the party, I'm the host

Adrift solitair on the coast

Sullen saddened bitter ends

How can we ever just be friends

This heart's too broken for you to mend

Can't wipe clean the slate and start again

Down dep, I know I've got to let you go

So much love you'll just never know

So many ways that we'll never grow

The abyss awaits below




Tags: lost love

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