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With my eyes on the floor, I walk this road. Sinking into the invisible, nobody can tell. Assassin. No shelter from the rain and the cold that is my heart. I guess I'm trapped. Nonetheless I've walked here many a time. "Stop. Turn around. You cannot do this" he speaks. He is nothing new, nor is he a part of the old. Instead he is the part of me that hasn't fully transformed. Or healed, as I like to call it. They call it a conscience. Thats the weak for you..giving everything a name. "You can flee" they tell me. Flee? there is no such thing. This country is a part of my being. Since birth that 11 years ago - this is my destiny. Head strong, shoulders back... I turn this corner. I attack. I was trained, I was taught, I knew. There is no time left. The grown men I face, used to laugh and spit. "Child." The men that took my parents. I used to curse them.. but words are not enough. Bullets do the trick, though. Silence, oh how I love thee. As I stand on him. His cold chest my throne. 1 down. Look who's laughing now. I've claimed my victory. Tomorrow my siblings will play outside.

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