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It's a mind of two states. Knowing your worth; yet feeling worthless. And at some point everybody can relate. Emotions running so deep, yet not touching the surface. A call out for help, is silenced by the smiling. Soldiers wound. War cry, torn flesh, grabbing on to what you have left. Its never the same from this side, is it? Spread the word and pass it on, somethings about to go wrong. Right side, right mind, right vision. Wrong signs. Easily lead to believe in those that disbelieve In themselves. Growing tears. Wasting years. Stretch those bones, return home. It all comes back to hidden fear. Those chains have left a scar for too long. Am I making myself clear? If not.. Tomorrow is another day. Or so they say... Maybe then you'll understand! I was born to be an achiever. So for now I tell myself... "Carpe Diem". & hope to die a believer.

Tags: epic

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