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My Life Is Real
My life is real did all types of stuff in the street
Dealt with beef throughout life I kept on my feet
Father wasn't always there typical single mother house
Times I was so hungry thought I didn't have a mouth
Cuts on my face people jumping me punching my face
But the only thing I hold in is Knowledge a mind is a bad thing to waste
Always stayed in school played it cool once a while hanged with fools
Learned the street rules then wanted to get paid in full
Now I think instead of selling crack getting 40 off a pack
I can make 40 million dollars with my talents that's a fact
See me i keep it real keep studying and studying
Writing and writing publishing and publishing
Right now I'm certified to work in a pharmacy
So instead of crack or weed I can sell drugs legally
This is my 18 years of life wish to live many more
With the way I live now there is many good things in store
I'm focused...

Tags: epic

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