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Forever Blue


Fluid yellows come to mind

Swimming in a sea of satisfaction

A lofty bounty looks my way

Too shy to glance

Yet too sweet to go away

Do I dare chance the awakening thought

That maybe you could be that one

One fluid motion

Like bricks to glass

Yellow jackets and dandelions

Sway at the sweet wind song

That all ears beg to catch a glimpse

Oh if you only knew my name

My number

My age


Anything at all

As long as you pretend to care

Am I writing this because I'm lonely

Or because I want you

To be near me

Like that song from ABC

'Cause if you leave

Like OMD

I just might OD on testosterone

Oh please say you'll dance with me

And lift the blinders from my eyes

Let me see as clear as

Metallic blue-green streams

Lettering your shutter

With an evil thought in mind

Don't cross me

Or yet I'll reveal

The evil Spanish side of me

Like a thousand tiny little icy fingers

Refusing to be ignored

If you won't be free

Just say you'll stay a little bit later

For if not

The dawn surely will not smile at me

And the sunny new day

Shall run away at such a pace

As to make even the meatiest athlete

Pale by comparison

Just tell me one more time

What I long to hear

Whisper it in my ear

Love me

Now and forever blue




Tags: love

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