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no Forgiveness
Its like life is not enough to fight for but love seems too much to cry for... like words dont mean enough to express emotions and poems come with a connection to a life story or dreams that run away like men with no guidance. Like my lungs do not have room enough to exhale my inner hate but just enough to inhale your inner destruction. Like Love has no room in my house of life but hate seems to pay rent on time. Its like I have no time but too much time for ... you... is it me or am i the fool. Fool in this game of lies am I the one who should give up... I write poems but in person I choke up I stumble on words I lack what to say. I respond with I'm okay. I know I need help but I remain alone I want so bad to handle EVERYTHING not just your problems not just mine not just the fact that I have 99 problems and the devil caused them all not just my sister ran away and has two kids and I dont know them at all Not just the fact i am consumed by a heartless fool EVERYTHING must be under my control like the fact I have no hold no knowledge of where you are I pray but feel you are lost in the stars I write but youll never read I bet I get few reads but youll never see you will never understand the harm you did not with your hand but hurt me all the same. burned me like a open flam I cant believe I lose sleep over a fool that I no longer see. By someone that I shall not name yet I can feel you everyday.... lIke love has no heart I know it has no home here. I fear no I that back. I fear not for what shall come because I know I will Over come even though control has no place in my life and love moved out with you that night. Love will not kill my soul but it killed this poem.

Tags: lost love