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Mixed confusion
Emotional disconnect For the only thing that makes sense is thoughts of you. Only when my mind and soul mirror you does this snap shots of events Turn into the big picture. Only once all my heart pumps for this do I feel purpose in this. Funny how existence is only a fragment of my five senses, Lack of commutation between my intuition and my speech I wish I could find reason to believe… Myself. I question did anything help organize this madness that is my dreams. Mixed up in the fantasy of perfection I find being lost feels as if movement is in the right direction. Strived to differ so I erase from memory millions of pictures I took with her, him and the other Rip apart all remembrance of the foolish acts that pass Just so I can forget I once committed my heart too fast. Guilty of ignorance of years of mistakes. Years of really having faith in that future date Of completion that might end my theory of fate. The ending to stress related headaches Where food became the antidote To diseases of heard of from cultures intermixed Drama over foolish ish That equaled cubed the issue Divided by the identity of me Multiplied by that unknown variable that is… Why, Does this have to be The final chapter in this mystery? Detectives label as cold cases Boxed with dirty shoe laces. Shoes tell the history of journeys lived by the simplicity Of an urban grown kid. Stamp of approval on a frosted dream. Crisp lips with stand temptation of harsh truth Just to stand next to the Killer of heart. Blood flow stops.

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