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up hill battle
Tears fall but the pain I swallow. Waterfalls of hope freeze on empty hearts Married to broken spirits when left to die Inside flesh of the sinful. Regain faith that was never built on truth For almost there is not enough. Just right is neither whole truth or half lie We struggle to face our daily fears at its red evil driven eyes. If I cried would you stay above the numbers they label you by? Would you put aside the nine that you feel must glued to your sorrowful left side? Strong side! You hide, Behind the past full of emptiness you seem to hold in your glass. This is not your last, Chance. I pray you give this four year plan more than a glance While you remain in streets where fame is equivalent to PH.D For the face you see when you look at someone as ambitioned as me You see the imprisonment of he. I have a dream, One day you’ll be not like me but mirror the face we have not yet seen Mimic the voice that spoke us into existence Buses on roads to fulfillment. Purple creatures replace the black and white. The struggle more than before for money is the motivation So we lack a true destination. In a daze of confusion While we as a whole Sisters linked by the ribs which they came from Attempt to raise brothers with depth eardrums. Unguided individuals so movement is a fantasy. Be offended be angry allow it to power your limbs In motion to the right direction Pearly gates end this maze we stumble to travel A forever up hill battle.

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