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A decision to love
Love is not a feeling it is a decision. A decision to allow the overflow of emotions to Escape from a cloud of confusion. Love is more than the emotions In which the body finds hard to express More than the blood flow from the center of ones chest. Love is more than him plus her The equation equal to not just we But no longer just him and she. Love is every thought of us combined with the mystery of lust. Love is that feeling that solo moment in life When an individual feels that the combination Of it all is beyond what should, could, or possible be considered real. L is that Look you get when the steps of commitment are made That look of pure happiness as actions become the center of all Where fantasy rules over all hatred of outsiders Because L is the first letter of a ever lasting link to the person whom now sinks- Sinks into a cloud of soft spoken words of kindness. L are the lips that marry into a intertwining of relaxation As the dance of life continues the word is completed with, O… Oh how they seem to be perfection in every possible way. How the wrongs they do only give the heart more reasons to say “I love you too” For the mistakes we make mold the character the world sees For the instrument of love is the pounding of forgiving hugs. The music we hear is the drums of our hearts beating in the silence of fears. Oh the time spent loving someone that takes purity to a new height Seems just right. Love returns the innocence of our creation where our creator intended it to be. V is the very moment where lust blew him to me. Victorious against life’s heartache we seem to remember where Lust tries to mimic love but fails to after Lips no longer fix missed dates Or promised calls. Lust fails where Love takes off Into blue skies of them as E closes the heart. E is every bone, every vain, every atom that makes us different. E is the percentage of one that differs you from me. E was the decision I made to allow love to bring you to me. Ending in nor he or she but now we are complete

Tags: love

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