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I must change

"I must change" 

When I look into my mind I can see alot of pain
Still I keep on searching though I know I search in vain
I'm surrounded by the darkness but I still may find my way
and I can't escape the future cause it happens everyday

It's hard not to give up on life
it seems a hopeless case
Never know what's coming
Never know what's going
No ones there to show you where to go today
You need to step aside
make use of the time
No one's gonna help you when you're locked inside

Sometimes I look inside me
and see how much I've changed
I guess it's only natural
That's what's such a shame

Still I struggle on with my life
and try to find my place in my own mind
but no one can realize all the pain
cause I just hold it in ...
I must change

Someday I guess my time will come
When everything will come together
and I'll look to see what I've become
I pray to God it will be better

Until then I am waiting
and searching for the key
and this life that they're debating
Don't matter much to me

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