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A Matter of Taste

"A Matter of Taste" 
Words by Michael S. Hennessey
CopyrightŠ1994 by Michael S. Hennessey

Tell me what I'm supposed to do this time mama
I can't quite figure myself
In the center of a conscience that is dying
I've found my own version of hell

and the flames keep licking at my wounds
They'll be eating at my flesh real soon
I don't have no time to waste

I hope they don't like me ...
I guess it's just a matter of taste

I don't really have a clue how I can change it
I can't find the strength to get up off the ground
I have to hide from my defenses
cause if I dont they'll drag me down

Desperation's got a hold on me
Instilling darkness where my soul should be
Eating my life in its haste

I hope it don't like me ...
I guess it's just a matter of taste

They don't know me
They don't understand me
They can't even see what they've done inside
They've ate away at my heart
Does it taste good?
Does it really taste good?
Do you feel by killing me you'll stay alive
Yeah, you've got a real good start

I don't really need to know you
I don't need to take revenge on you
You might be taking my place

I hope that you like it ...
I guess it's just a matter of taste

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