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People These Days

Anybody who knows me knows how I am.
If you don’t you should get to know me and you’ll find,
That we could become something like fam.
Now let’s get into this rhyme.

People today are nothing like they used to be.
Everynight I lay in my bed and think
“Was he (or she) using me?”
Chances are they were because good people are on the brink
Of extinction.
My depiction
Would be fiction by today’s standards,
Because like I said if you know me you know how I am
And I can’t be described with such bland words
Because  this guy just does not give a damn.

But people today just don’t care
About watching anybody’s back
But theirs.
Until they need you aint that some crap?
You get stepped on like a doormat,
Then their back,
When they need you,
But they’re see through.
Doesn’t take rocket science to get that through your cranium,
But I’d think twice about Jermaine n ‘nem
If I were you.
See what you do
is stop being so nice all the time, step up and be a man
Too bad I tell myself to go and carry out the same plan
I’m always the one that goes out of his way to give assistance,
But barely get any in return if you flip this
Situation. Visa versa
But I don’t ask for help anymore, I’ve learned to
Become independent. I need no one. I’ll live.
Even though it’d make life much easier if I could find at least one that would give
The shirt off their back if push came to shove,
But man this is 2010, no one knows about love.
Affection. Connection. Care for one another.
Nobody does that these days but I got my sister, pops and mother.

That’s all I need…..
They say it’s better to die on your feet then to live on your knees.

I’d rather do all I can to find a solution on my own
Then to let my requirement of help be known
I’m 18 getting grown and becoming a man
I got this. I aint asking for anybody’s helping hand.
So ima keep pushing. If I die alone so be it.
Cuz getting to know me is a privilege I don’t need anybody for shit


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