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Never Again


Home in your arms is where I want to be.

You're the only man my eyes will ever see.

When you love me, you set my heart free.

You are my angel, baby you've rescued me.


With you in my life, I feel at home.

Never again will I need to roam

You've softened a heart that was made from stone.

Never again will I feel all alone.


This is my heart that I give to you.

Locked in my heart, you're stuck like glue.

I promise forever my love is true.

I can't say it better than I love you.


So take my hand, let's walk through this life.

We'll weather the storms, the struggle, the strife.

To ever lose you would cut like a knife.

I promise you baby to love you for life.


Steve Hasting


Tags: love

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