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Cry For Help
Cry For Help (Steve Hasting) All my life Iíve had to fight for everything Always had to be the one thatís strong Iíve never really know this kind of love you bring Itís like Iíve known you all along I donít really know how to let my walls go But baby I promise Iím trying Because when I see in your eyes that Iíve hurt you so. I feel just like Iím dying You donít really know how hard itís been to let you in Iím angry when I feel weak You keep proving your love is the truest thereís been Sometimes Iím scared and meek Iím trying so hard to open my heart to you But youíve got to give me time Youíve got to help me learn just what to do To give up on us is a crime Baby I love and adore you like no other before Please teach me to reach out Just be patient with me & with my feelings donít ignore Help me erase my doubts I love you I want you I need you I am yours forever 06/04/2010

Tags: love

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