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I love you mom
Mom you are the best in my life, you support me with love and help from the man up in the sky. You cook and you clean, and you show affection by caring for me. We fight and argue but forgiveness and love takes place in our lives, I hate to see you cry, and I wish you could live forever so I won’t have to ever say bye. You do the best you can to be a mother to me, my sister, and my brother. You lost your parents, nobody wants that to happen but God wanted them to be in paradise…he never meant for us to be sadden. You were proud to have me at birth, and you will be there in my heart when I get buried in the dirt. Seeing you happy and laughing is the best to see…mom you mean a lot to me. We live in a rough neighborhood but you do so much to keep me happy and never unhappy. You understand me, and you’re there to talk to with my problems in life, you’re the best a son or daughter can have…I Love you Mom & my Dad (R.I.P.) I thank Nana Angie and Grandpa Jess for having you and I love them dearly. When I lost my Dad you were there for me to cry on, when I messed up and got suspended from school you were mad but you understood what happen later on. I used to make you cry and stress you out cause I was Gang Banging in the streets and trying to ditch school, but mom I never meant to hurt you for my stupid ways I think of you every day. I Love You Mom.

Tags: family

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