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Nights in White Daydreams

Both one at night in sweet delight, here we are alone
With this sweet song I always long, to rub you to the bone
To feel your hair reach everywhere, in this room of screams
To hear your voice will make me moist, and comfort all my dreams

As you undress I will caress, your every little curve
Then I will wet where our love met, and thrill your every nerve
My libido will let you know, when I need you here
You make me jump, each thrust each pump, and chill me everywhere

I drift away every single day, when I see your dreams
Our love is one when we've both come, and I'm held in your arms
If one day you went my life would be bent, from not knowing what to do
For my eyes would cry, And my heart would die, Because of how much I love you.

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