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Body, House, Sugar

Seeing you sets my eyes alight
with passionate thoughts

Smelling your sweet loving scent
makes me weak at the knees
as sudden bursts of want
reach my libido

Hearing your soft, purposeful voice
makes my mind begin to
picture the ultimate in
love and compassion

Now, as you approach me and
I the same
my heart races as I become unable to
distinguish between my nervousness and my desire

Running my needy hands through
your flowing, silky hair
sends tingles of sensuality
through my spine

Removing layers of your
outer personality
as you caress and excite
every curve in my body

Feeling your lips wet my
wildest dreams
as the silence breaks and
moans of allowance grow louder and louder

Your masculine body
presses hard against my
naked sweating skin
and beating loins

As you cry out
my name with the emotion of lust
my limbs go jelly-like
as you plunge deeper and deeper into my every dream

Suddenly beneath all of the
noises of lust and
screams of ecstacy
all of the needy and persisting juices begin to flow

Moving, carefully and sensually
the maximum point of love is reached
as screams and moans are heard
throughout this room of erotica and want

Now, slowly he pulls away
still wetting every naked spot of
skin which hasn't being
fully exercised and moved

And now, even more slowly
he places his comforting arms around my
perspiring chest just to let my
mind and heart know that his love is still there

And that he will always be there

Mentally, spiritually and sexually.

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