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The Reality of Life

As fast ... as fast as I could possible go
I ran
from screams of exhausting pain
from laughter of life's cruel exits
The flames of the welcoming hell
and the light of the chasing heaven
filled my heart with aching fear
that even death was uncapable of creating

As fast ... as fast as I could possibly go
My mind
frantically searched for places to run
places to escape the evil and misfortune that hunts me down
But all I encounter are deadends ... old hurtful memories
the things I am running from
but can't seem
to escape

As fast ... as fast as I could possibly go
I disturbingly approach the corner
hoping there is refuge for me
to depart the hate and revenge still on my tail
turning the corner is the same light and the same
flames that engulfed me
from the start

With hope and prayers
that this horror would
come to an eventual end
I closed my eyes, but I could
still feel the heat and see the light of deceit
So with a sigh of defeat
once again my eyelids rose

As fast ... as fast as I could possibly go
I sat up with a feeling of betrayal
for what I saw was no flames, no light
but the world I had grown up in
The world I hated and feared
and suddenly I realised that
I would have rather stayed in my nightmare
than to have woken up in this reality.

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