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A Very Sweet Dream
I slipped into a midnight dream
And found myself floating upstream
On a lake of syrupy maple amber
My boat was a warm pancake camber.
The sun was smudge of bright yellow butter
And everywhere, strawberry butterflies were aflutter!
Candied almond fish, deft and spry,
Quickly zigzagged and crisscrossed on by.
Crispy bacon frogs chirped with all they had
Singing to me from their chocolate lily pads.
Clouds of cotton candy in marshmallow flavor
Filled a liquid sky poured from a Kool-Aid laver.
The liquorices grass bent towards the lake
From a gentle wind that tasted of Angel Food cake.
Oh, it was heavenly to be in such a tasty sleep
Until I was disturbed by a beep, beep, beep,
And my pancake boat sailed into dock,
As I awoke to shut off the alarm clock.

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