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What I See Now
A chasm opens
And I fall into interminable blackness,
Suspended in a time
Of contestation.
Repellent forces are hard at work
Vying for my body.
I cannot choose,
I am not allowed to choose,
An unwarranted punishment,
For what?

It's lonely drowning in the sinews
Of an unrelenting void
Where I can only face myself
And dig up feelings or memories
Consigned to graves of repression
While the tension strains
And the forces stretch my skin
So thin, it's translucent and
I cannot bear it much longer.

I writhe and wish
To just be left alone,
For the chasm to spit me back onto earth
Where I will kiss the ground
And toss my head back to the sky
To yell my indebtedness to God,
So that I may exhaust the rest of my mortality
In a lavish peace and quiet calm
Only paradise could know.
But the chasm is deep
And the oculus is fading above me.

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