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At Sea
O, I wish I was at sea,
On a boat bobbing peacefully
With the sun soaking my face,
Up-turned for the embrace.

O, I wish I was at sea,
Gliding along so gracefully
Without a worry to get me down,
Without an audience to make a sound.

O, I wish I was at sea,
Creating my life's own destiny,
To read if I wish, or write,
Or gaze at the starts all night.

With no clock ticking on the hour
Reminding me I'm subject to its power,
Deadlines for which I must prepare,
Clogging my schedule that I wish was bare.

O, I wish I was at sea,
Slave only to the waves' mercy
And the moon's mysterious spells,
That controll the water's placidity and swells.

To revert back to ancient instinct
That modern man believes extinct,
To worship goddesses of late
Of love, honor, truth, and fate.

And goddesses of poetry, war, famine, and death,
To my very first adventure to my very last breath.
This is the way life was meant to be,
O, how I wish I was at sea!

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