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Job Hunting
Finding a job proves to be a harrowing task,

Especially for an almost-college grad

With minor hands-on experience

And major expectations.

I don’t want to work for a large company

That takes advantage of or exploits

Employees, citizens, animals,

And mostly, me.

I want to work for a company that I hope exists,

One that is fairly profitable yet thoughtful of

Employees, citizens, environments,

And mostly, me.

Where am I to find such an ideal employer like this?

Colleges tells students to work for them but,

Colleges don’t tell you who they are,

Or where they are.

Because they’re the hardest companies to work for.

They’re big names and non-profits with power,

They want experience and little salaries

And, none are in New Jersey.

None of these companies want a bleeding heart poet

With simple notions of what is right and wrong

To push them center of left, center of right,

And consider everyone else first.

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