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Langston Hughes
Riff on, my brother!
Make that sweet jazz breathe life,
Rip into my soul
With that serrated knife.

Cut me open, brother!
Filet my white skin raw
And make me feel guilty
For existing at all.

You say you and your mama had hard times
Well, I have too.
America ain't colorblind like you.

Now, don't get me wrong,
I won't pretend I've had it worse,
But I know what it feels like
To wish for your own hearse.

So, play on, my brother!
Let me hear those sweet tunes!
And, I'll sway with you
Under the drunken moon.

We'll swap sob stories
Of dirty New York
And corrupt New Jersey.
We'll become kindred souls,
Searching for love in a hurry.

We'll share a quick kiss,
Fusing your rhythm and my rhymes,
That will help us escape the crime
Of loving and hating both white and black.
So, jazz on my brother,
And never let me go back!

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