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High School Folly
Do I miss your steely eyes---
Your lips pulled tight in refusal,
So that mine could not touch them unless
I acted like the person you dreamed me to be?

I did.

But I donít anymore.

I donít miss your insistence
Upon being the wittiest and the most artistic;
Which only made you inane and dull at best,
Even in the shallowest of circles.

I donít miss burning to please you
With a useless repertoire of bad music
By criers against big business
Marketing a brand name attitude straight to you,
Making you yell anti-establishment in the middle of the mall,
Where you bought your new shoes.

Most of all,
I donít miss the deceitful way in which you fooled me
Into believing that I was a bad person;
When all the while you looked down your nose
At our relationship like it was a satire,
And so carried out another one,
A more serious one,
Then lambasting me for breaking your heart
When I decided to do the same to you,
Leaving me angry and guilty,
For all these years since.

Tags: lost love

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