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How Do The Guilty Sleep?
There's something I need to say, before we get under these sheets.
You see... you believed that deceiving me
Was your only ticket to being free,
But secretly
You enslaved yourself mentally.

Take a look at your wrists,
and tell me where the chains exist?
You yawn and say you're tired. From tricking?
Or from listening to me?
Could be a little bit of both, possibly.

It should be easy for you to fade to your subconscious,
Sleep comes easy to those with no conscience.
And for your actions, you should remain unconscious.
Life's beauties need to be kept from the dishonest!

And while I'm holding a pillow over my head,
Contemplating ending your cruelty as you're dreaming.
My rages faded and a sadness replaced it.
What is this feeling??
Is this jealousy?

Is this how you felt time after time when I went out to cheat
And came home and fell asleep?
Did you want to smother me?
Did you cry yourself to sleep?
You didn't have to because you knew the knife that would cut deep.
You cut straight into my insecurity.
Had me going out of my mind, thinking if he could fuck better than me,
But all you wanted was someone who could love better than me.

She left me...
And for the first time I felt weak.
Be careful of that which you seek...
For once, I wasn't the nicest car on the highway,
Just that car with no engine, down that empty street.
The home that smelled so sweet,
started to reek because of my infidelity.
I found that with no conscience you can sleep,
But no rest comes when your conscience is guilty.

I haven't slept in 3 weeks...
How do the guilty sleep?

Tags: jealousy

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