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how i feel after i win
i have no clue on how ill feel, after i take the pill of sucess, i suppose its no big deal i guess, but it sure feels gargantuan , in god we trust is what i love, its what i want to rub the very fabric of my.. um..this labrynth i call my cranium, i want so many ones that i can make a gun, to aim the paper at my brain seems like a day of fun, so im on my grind, im on my hustle, lifting money clips trying to gain some mussel , cause the bustle of these city streets, is enough for even sam the greatest uncle to call defeat, but i will not fall causality to the gravity of these collapsing dreams, nor will i stop until im completely pleased and completely free of these fantasies of having fancy things.

i was listening to this when i wrote this just now might help you catch the flow of how its written.

Awesome beat

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