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Chambers and Rounds

When you want to
Solve a problem
You chamber a round

Lock and load something
Make that unmistakeable sound

But when your doing
Rounds in chambers
Who's chambering now
Your somebodys chambermaid
Cause you carried the pound

Separate the barrels and guns
perils and one's
errands and runs
funeral and fun

Business and pleasure
Business and death
Death and youth
Youth and last breath

Mothers and burying babies
From stray shots
OK coral shoot out and club parking lots
Playgrounds and sound of fear instead
Of laughter
Churches and morners packed to the rafters
Happily ever after doesn't have ta
The price of a few shots and some lives lost
Its time to do things the way the rich folk do, use your head not your hands stack a chip of two


Life is work in progress
Lets be honest, honestly honesty ain't always the best policy
But lying and killing aren't two sides of a schilling
Lets not pretend
Like it's a means to and end
It's only means end
And that end is mean
It's dirty work
There's not way to make it clean
And what it means
That someone has to suffer
Some loss, some where, some price
Some cost
Everyone is someones son or daughter, brother sister, mother father
Either we oughta,
give some kinda of value to the life they hold
Instead of hold life like cards willing to fold

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