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Mementos of You
It sits in my pocket, attached to my keys a once proud symbol of your love. The ring that you placed on my finger now contains empty promises and pain. Sometimes when I reach for my keys the feel of its touch plagues my mind. I should throw it away, just like you threw away me and our life together. But there it stays, a ring attached to a ring a consistent reminder of you. They sit on my computer, buried in a folder depictions of a happier time for us. These photos of you now remind me of what I had and have lost. I donít look at them anymore, but I know they are there, taunting me. I should delete them, delete you from my life and not be reminded. But on my computer those pictures will remain, mementos of you. You sit in my mind, tucked away but never far from my thoughts. I see your smiling face, feel your touch and hear your voice saying my name. Most often you stay locked away but it takes just a moment for you to reappear. Sometimes I wish I could acquire amnesia, and simply forget about you forever. But I canít, and so you will always be there a part of me for the rest of my life. I wonder what you have done with your memories and mementos of the past. Have you thrown them away and moved on or does a part of you still hold them close? Do you deny the feelings you once had or have you accepted me into your mind? The past can never be re-created, but it does not have to be abandoned. Though buried under pain of recent events, the purity of what was cannot be denied. I know we will both find happiness someday and the lessons learned will help us get there. Though we now take separate paths, the time we spent together should not be forgotten. I will not allow my memories to be tainted, for there was beauty in the time we spent as one. I will not remove the evidence that you existed for that would be denying the love that I felt. I will not throw away this ring, for then I would no longer hold this piece of you.

Tags: lost love

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