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life isnt worth living
Let me tell you why lifes not worth living If your paying attention you'll know what Im saying chorus:This life isn't worth living all this darkness and hatred gotten to the point where I don't care no matter how hard we try it gets worse. People are jealous they will shoot you down they will laugh at you. I'm better off in a grave bury my soul deep down because this life isn't worth living I should've known it'll be like this. Jealousy is in place well I'm glad it works out for the rest of you people. Life isnt worth living The worlds so cold its got me to the point where I'm negative and only car about myself pretend to be happy will thats me. You thought you knew a bit about me to tell you the truth I've been faking most of it. Try to impress people makes you feel so lost Please just bury me in a grave where my soul will be deep down because life isn't worth living I should have know life will be like this. Jealousy all around me not caring fuck you people (x2) So I guess you came by to ay buy before I die how sweet of you you see people are animals they'll tear you apart so you gotta fight them off shoot whatever you have to do. Life isn't worth all these hassles and regrets your better off where I'm headed no more worries no more depending on fucked up people to come through for you. Life isnt worth living (x3)

Tags: death

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