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Im in love with a friend.
My heart pounds every time
im near him.
I always have thoughts of
what it will be like if we were together.

That would be great.

He lights up my life,
but I can never tell him.
We're just friends.

Friends, I can't take it.

I watch in jealousy from a distance,
when he's near a other girl.
Why can't I be in that place?

How can I be in love with a friend?

It's the way he looks at me,
the way he grabs my hand
when we laugh together.
The way he smiles at me,
with a big grin on his face.
The way he hugs me, tight.
I never want him to let go.

This is insane!
I can't have feelings
for him.
He knows all my flaws.
But yet he doesn't
judge me.

Maybe this is normal.
To be in love with a friend.

Tags: friendship

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