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Raw Emotion
I never really believed in,
being in love.
I'm not the type
to control emotions.
I've always felt as if,
no one understands me.
I'm strong until im left alone,
with my thoughts,
until i have to be myself.

I was always too sensitive,
until i made myself this way.
"hurt them before they hurt you"
was what i used to say.

The days used to get more intense
I could never deal.
Too horrible.
Too much to be said.
Too much feeling.
Too many tears.

I don't like to feel.
Crying is for the weak.
Every impulse in my body
clenches, as i imagine,
myself having to work,
towards happiness.
Shouldn't that come naturally?
Shouldn't I have that already?

I am who I am,
but everyday i question,
and under estimate myself,
I never seem good enough.

i loved this, truthful reflection. very interesting. i think i loved it so much because some of these thoughts are the same as my own.