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Tero featuring Mark G--Lyrically Inclined


aye i been readin sum cold shyt from everybody lately and, i think itz time i step it up and show yall how much i improved, so without further ado, ima get in to it


ok im goin in hard, im goin 4 da win

wont score a triple 9, ima score a triple 10

im goin afta you, ya boyz and dey friends

all i see iz tomorrow thru these cartier lense

aye my swag iz superior, my style has been better

and im headed 2 da top, as a new trend setter

and anything you can do, i can do better

boi you above me iz like 10 times NEVER

ill bring her 2 my room den she'll leave with paralysis

her different head techniques like reverse psychoanalysis

shawty so flexible, im lovin da contortions

she love 2 taste da kids, she dnt fuck witt abortions


ok na ima let my boi Mark G spit, oh yea mark dey wuznt expectin dis bro


Ladies and gentlemen,

first up, by weigh of Dallas Texas,


If money was a gun,

you can say I'm takin shots,

if pullin hoes is a disease,

then I guess I need some shots,

ya dig, like I got the flu in my mouth,

because I'm so cold with everything that comes out,

at the club pullin bops like left and right,

I stick my hand in her pants and her man wanna fight,

it ain't my fault ya girl like me bro,

and her pussy tighter than a brand new speedo,

but its time to switch for educational purposes,

got girls whose ass you can't measure circumferences,

uh oh, big word dumb it down,

thats the only way lames can dig my sound,

Jay Z made the death of autotunes,

I guess I gotta be the one to kill the rest of you,


ok my jewels have been mistaken for plutonium,polonium,zirconium

i live in pandemonium

my rhymes give life, metaphors full of gonium

dey lovin da harmonium

i live off disaster

superman chevy been mistaken for an aster

bitchez on my team, so dey call me drill master

i can write a nine volume ablum like my name Mcmaster


boi yall be sum hoez man, no competetion

aphiliated witt gangstaz, datz my diplomatic mission

big gunz will leave a small body like nuclear fission

chrome ak-47, yea limited edition

certified chedda king, check my financial condition

errebody fear us, we kinda like a superstition

did i mention


leave you in a bad condition

cast all you haters out, bitch dat be my abolition


Tags: visonary

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