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You're Nothing Special
You're a path of broken bridges
and speculated wrong.
We will long for the good side,
but the evil is too strong.
You wade through the waters.
The wetness is from sweat.
You're drowning in your sorrows,
but burning with regret.
The plans are in your mind,
when you find that you're to blame.
Even your selfish pride
won't shadow all of the pain.
Your evil should be conquered
like a dragon to be slayed.
Your memories won't soon forget
the record that was played.
It still repeats itself,
even to this day.
You can't even get rid of it,
the jealousy will stay.
In this world of destruction,
nobody seems to care.
You focus on frustration.
Deny the evil glare
that could slice you
just like a knife.
At least it holds
your hunger and strife.

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