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I'm gonna miss you being stupid
Here comes the day we've been avoiding. I wish, oh how i always wish, this day would never come. We both are standing at the gate. I'm holding you real tight as i'll never let you go. Tears are rolling down your cheek as we exchange goodbye. But i won't say goodbye Dear, cause it's a 'see you later'. My bags are packed and i'm minutes away from departure. Onlookers keep glancing their eyes at us. We don't give a slight damn about them anyway. "I love you" always coming out of your lips since last night but we both know words can't express what we're feeling. "I'm gonna miss you girl", is all i can say. We're just going to stand here in the midst of a crowd until the announcer speaking from the speaker that my flight is going to take off. I know i'll be thinking of you on the plane. I too know you'll be thinking of me while you're sitting alone, leaning your head to the window of the skybus where it'll take you back home. To a place where you'll be safe, waiting for me until i come home months later. And you'll wet the window with your tears, just like you did when you were sitting on my lap a month ago when we just realized that our time is so short. As for me, I'll fall asleep listening to our favorite songs 30000 feet off the ground. Cause when i close my eyes, it's just another thought of you and I. When i'm away for the holiday, everything will not ever be the same again cause there's no you who fills my colorful world. I'm gonna miss your smile, your kiss. I'm gonna miss our endless conversations. I'm gonna miss waking up next to you in the morning. But most of all, I'm gonna miss you acting stupid. Cause no matter what you are, you know that i will always love you.

Tags: nostalgia

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