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lets make a wish, before we go in search for the thirst quenching kisss, that in
real life only happens at midnight, sureal with this candle light, that reflects the
secrets of life from your eyes, as you lips glisten true, and i soak in the words
you whisper, those same words that i feind to listen too, god i eat you up like my
religious fruit, picked from edens forbidden tree and i could be your adam like your
my eve when im in need of something true to believe in, but just until this night is
through, because we hang here inheaven on such a thin thread that could break in a
second or two, maybe a minute, but baby listen the clock is ticking and its just 60
seconds away from 11:11, it still feels like we are winning, so close your eyes,
makes this wish and kiss me swiftly into the distance, for all gods angels to
witness, true momentary contentment, lets obtain affectionate perfection
then slip away into a blaze of rememberance.

Tags: love

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