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My Mouse
Welcome! You have mail.
Point & Click...
Point & Click...
Point & Click...
Smooth and Skillfully you introduce me
To new ideas and new people
Point & Click.
My mind expanded, my dreams revealed through you,
To those strangers and their loving words, too.
Point & Click.
Fun, though faded, still I play.
Sit and stare, glazed over eyes. I stay.
Point...& Click.
You hairless rodent! With your long seductive tail...
Guiding me, willing me, into my techno-hell.
Point & click!
So small and innocent in appearance, you crawl
Blind to the growing pain in my eyes, for you have none of your own!
Point & click!
You con me into thinking my world is a dream
But YOU have no ears to hear my scream!!
Point & click...
Point & Click!

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