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What I Need
as i step closer to insanity, i search franticly for an answer to keep, she seems elegant, like a ballet dancer to me, intelligent like a hand written creed, perhaps shes the key to an eternity of emotions returning to me, purposely lurking in the dirt like a seed, so she can one day be that rose she so deserves to be, i yurn to learn every word that she thinks, i want to feel the vibrations of every verb that she speaks, i want to be on the verge of bursting when she returns to me, i want to be in a reoccuring dream, feel the fire of passion as it burns so deep, like a raging torrent thats flowing towards a more aluring creek, i want to be that leaf on her tree that absorbs the suns power so she can breathe, i need her, who ever she may be.

Tags: love

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