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Upsetting God

i said i'd do this my own way, living life just today
bow my head then i pray, praying God hears what i say
i ask him for anther chance, a way for me to let her go
he tells me he's got other plans, like her and i down the road
a futuristic God tells me listen up, boy you've gotta make her smile
jealousy tears apart your heart, just take it easy for awhile
pissed, i look up to the sky, i tell him i don't want the girl
black clouds forming, Jesus cries, for fear i've joined the underworld
i've never felt all alone, nobody left to hear me cry
i take my eyes off of Heaven and wipe a tear from my eye
cell phone rings and it's the girl, asking for another chance
asking for my love again, asking for a sweet romance
the sun comes out, like it's a sign, but i hang up on her once again
i heart thunder, a bold of lighting, black clouds forming like they had been

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