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**For The First Time, I Feel Less Alone** #2

**For the First Time, I Feel Less Alone** #2

Mickey's POV;

As Aurora stood their in disbelief stairing into space I grabbed Sam to yell whisper "WHY did we have to do this? she would have found out soon enough." Sam just squeezed in "she needed a warning, she can prepare now." before Rawr chocked out "how.soon?"

I thought I would dread telling her this news, but leting her know she only had three day sto get her act together was worse. We stood their and told her, "soon enough"

"HOW SOON?!" she yelled, so that everyone was stairing at her. simply in fear of her rage Sam mumbled "three days."     

She was shaking now, and then her face went green. We grabbed her, ready to bring her to the trash, but instead she just colapsed. As Sam was keeping her propped up I ran to Mr. Freidman and let him know Aurora was really sick so we were bring her to the nurse, he never questioned  us so it wasn't a problem. Aurora had always been skinny, but dragging her felt like dragging a sumo wrestler. Of course we couldn't bring her to the nurse because of what actually happened, but we got to our spot in the hall and put her down.

"This is not good, not good at all" gasped Sam. "Yea. I realized that Sherlock." I snapped back.

Sam was in panic mode now and it felt like all hell was braking loose. "How could they do this to her?! Selfish bastards, seriously just graduate early like planned, homeschooling, anything is better than this bullshit..." Sam's voice was getting louder, "What if something happens again, or Rawr gets sick, they can destroy her! boys are stupid selfish pricks who only..." "I know, I KNOW." I cut her off.

"You think I haven't thought of this? I've run through every possible situation and it's ending and they all end up badly, at least for Rawr." Then I remembered she was still out, as we looked over I saw the color was back in her face, I whispered her name in her ear asking her to wake up, and after a second it worked. She was groggy but ok, and she was hopefully going to stay ok for a while.


Sam's POV;

I was relieved to see Aurora was up and functioning, but I was still burning up inside. I could just tell this was going to be bad. "Rawr, please don't be mad at us, we wanted you to k now before something happened friday, when you'll have to see them." I said

"Friday. Right. OK. breath aurora just breath." she replied/ said to herself, then continued, "ugh, my head! If this is bad now, I can't wait till friday, and the rest of my life for that matter." She was being sarcastic, which was good. After a minute of taking everything in, Mickey looked up as if she wanted to say something, Rawr must have felt this too and said "Care to share Mick?" With a slight hesitation she said, "uh oh I um, you think you can do this, we don't wan't anything bad to happen."

"I was glad to hear a happy tone in Aurora's response of, "I know I can..." but then something changed. "The thing is you only got 1/2 of teh story, the first half, you don't know what I did to get back at him."

I was in utter shock and disbelief. We were frozen, confused, and wanting to know more.

"Tell us now!" Mick and I said together. But all we got back was, "Not now, we have to get out of here, c'mon we're leaving early."


Aurora's POV:

"Was I really going to do this?" I asked myself as we drove in silence to the park. I had to, I knew my secret would come out eventually adn these were my best friends, obviously I could trust them. As we parked the car same was getting jumpy and Micky look scared shitless. I wonder what they were thinking. Before I even got out, the two of them were at my door dragging me to the closest bench they could find. As soon as we sat I began the story, starting from the very beginign.

"Well, you both know their was about a year between when I lived next to you Mickey, and moved next to you sam."  They nodded in agrement. "What you don't know is that when I moved in that year, I lived next to Garrett...Nickleson. Me being a huge tomboy and all we got along great. And I also met Pat because Garrett had him over all the time. Then we started to always hang out, I hate to say it because it was when I wasn't close to either of you, but that 7th grade was one of the best school years I can remember. Of course we grew older though, I moved and got friends that were girls and we began to have different interests. By 9th grade we had lost touch almost all together. Our families stayed friends and ocasionaly I would see them on holidays, but usually I was off out and about with you two. Then winter break sophmore year both of you went away and I was stuck here with my family, who thought it would be a great idea to get together with the Kirch's and the NIckleson's. So we took a ski trip up to the mountains together. I thought it would be horrible but it was actually great! Just like old times, the three stoogest were back in action and hitting the slopes non stop. On the third night of the trip Pat's brother Tim was hanging out with his friends John, Kennedy, and Jared. Pat and Garrett were also close to them, but I obviously wasn't, and they were all older. On that trip not only did I get my brothers back but I also gained 3 new ones. By the end me, Pat, Garrett, John, Kennedy, and Jared were one giant family. ON the ride home I was in a van with all of them whent hey told me some great news. They ahd been playing music together for a little while and were getting big fast. In Kennedy's hometown, Glendale, they were getting a big following and they had a gig in a few weeks where some important people would be. They  could just tell things were going to take off and I couldn't have been happier."

I stopped to take a break and saw the confused looks on Sam and Mickey's Faces.

"OK," said Sam "but why is any of that bad?" "yea, that's all really great stuff" Said Mickey.


This is ok, the ending was supposed to be a cliffhanger but kind of failed and im too lazy to actually change it, but basically just know that the story has a twist in it :)

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