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What Is Happening To Our Teens?
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Will I ever find inner peace and happiness?

Is safety something that I will achieve?

Do I deserve love and security like the others?

Are there any "normal" teens left anymore?

Are we all just being broken by a world that just don't care?

They can't be serious when they say we scare them

They are only scared of us because they don't understand

They don't even try to understand teenagerish stuff

It's almost like we're a foreign species or something

Maybe they should sit down and listen to our views

Listen to what we have to say about the worlds' affairs

Our views are just as important as theirs if not more so

The things we experience will make us stronger people

But that is only if we make it through alive

That part sounds so easy but it's the hardest part

We are still so young and inexperienced in life

We still need our hands held by more experienced people

Someone who is usually a parent, brother, sister friend or lover

Lucky teens have one from each category helping them out

Others are less fortunate and only have one or two helping

That is often the toughest way of doing it

It is tougher yet to go it alone

Small, scared and alone in a big busy world

A world that has no time for anyone or anything

It is just there to take and sap away our life

It is relentless and unforgiving if we make mistakes

A mistake is something that could result in death

Or at the very least a fate almost as bad as death

Our fates are sealed in the crimson blood flowing in veins

Our debts that we must pay in full from our crimson life

Or not paid at all and we run scarred from these debts that we owe

Seven years have come and passed since we parted

So many different tests I've been faced with alone

So many burdens I've had to grin and bear

I never thought that my heart could contain the pain

That over the years has been steadily added to me

The world tries so hard to break its inhabitants

The authorities wonder why so many youth are turning into statistics

Why so many youth are now anorexics, now cutters, now bulimics

Why so many youth decide there is only one solution

Only one way to end the temporary pain and problem

Wondering why so many youth are having drug and alcohol problems

The bigwigs just don't understand that they're not looking at the big picture

They think that they know the answers to all the problems we face

But their solutions are just band aid fixes

The solutions only solve the problems that were gathered

Problems that arose from trying to hide from other issues

We try and run from our problems but usually we only make things worse

We should know that we can only run for so long

Before something happens that is overtly dangerous

Before lives are taken whether accidentally or purposely

Children are literally dying for the help they need

But does anyone notice or even care?

No of course not because that would be too easy

It's only the next generation that is slowly dying out

We're not that important so it seems to the authorities

But we will not always be so easily replaced

What happens if our generation dies out?

What will they do about the problems then?

Will they still be coming up with band aid solutions?

Still turning a blind eye and hoping for the best?

Will things ever change for the better

Will things ever change or look up for me?

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