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who is suwoop
is the sound that my ass makes when i poop, who are you, not shit compared to me, im the elite, im the king of M.O.V, im that guy that gets your freak inbetween my sheets, im a concoction so toxic, even osoma bin laden would call me his nostrom, as if i fell from satans own nostral, im turning volitile and hostile, i think i need a hospital before another ho gets crossed out, my gauge is now on impossible to maintain, im passed the point of pain, im somewhere near derranged, get out of my way, so i can masturbate for the next 8 days to a name that id rather not say because i hate, you ho's are fake, im photoshop, you folks are just m.s.paint.

haha im just kidding here dudes dont take it serious =] i spent like 2 minutes on this. but i figured id join this little debate.

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