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is there no chance at romance
all i need is one slow dance
i want you to get to know france
i want you to touch me with no hands
just your lips swiftly kissing chris
into a low trance
something real complicated
like a ballet toe dance
i want to be your cynosure
as you move closer
i want to lose my composure
and glide over
every inch of kissable skin that you possess
i want to be so obsessed
that i forget what its like
to feel so hopeless
like when i dont know whats next
i want to be left vexed
everytime you blink
and you raise your chest
for that air thats needed
to continueing breathing
i need your touch
for my heart to continue beating
i need you to believe in me
even when times are hard
and u feel like leaving these
dreams behind
i want to wipe
every tear thats cried from your eyes
i need you to always smile

Tags: love

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