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could be?
naw not really see im slipping trying but failing reaching but just swinging in the wind flailing little bit confused little bit angry , with myself with the world with those closest to me is it just me could i really be that off the ricter scale weighed and tried have i been found truly that much wanting maybe i am cause i always got this feeling of urning something burning turning and tearing inside of me i try to find the peace but the paranoia takes a hold of me me cant let no one get a hold on me lol funny how fairytales turn into nightmares so quickly mama always said to much of a good thing would turn u sickly maybe thats it maybe i was just to sweet on her or her on me either way it dont really matter in the long run be see me im starting to get a little bit sick of it really getting tired of being papranoid boy maybe its justnot ment ot be cause everytime i grab for this little piece of happiness i myself crush whats in front of me like the midas touch of the joke of the gods everything looked golden but it was all for the loss


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