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Our time is near
Staring up at the starts above
Looking down at all these scars
A cut
A pain
A drop of blood
And a life of tragedy
Surrounded by destruction
It's all that's ever known
Passed down through generations
In the form of bullets and of blood
The tears that fall from all their faces
As loved ones fall
And war becomes just another trend
In a messed up world
Full of hate and rumors
When high school becomes the place we all avoid
Because the words that they all say
Have torn us apart
Friends become the enemy
When things are said but never heard
The voices of the real
Pushed under all the ruble
From the life's of all the troubled
Beat down and abandoned
We lie here now
Cold and out of breath
Looking up at you
As you stab the sword
Straight through our chest
You shatter all our dreams
And throw us of this cliff
Into a pit of nothingness
Were we'll fall forever
Into this mess that you've created
To live out our mistakes
In the dark and empty corners
That no one ever sees
And even if they did
Wouldn't take the time to clean
But soon enough our time will come
When we rise above
The pushed around
The beaten down
The bruised and confused
All the people you kicked out
Of that perfect life you think you have
The day shall come
When we'll tear it down
And break your heart
Prove to you
Were more than scars
Show you how we know who we are
And are sure of what we need to do
Maybe after that day has passed
When you are staring into our eyes
And finally realize
We were not to be mistaken
For the kids who never could
The kids who never should
But forever to be known
As the kids who brought about this change
And raised our own flag high!
For now as the fires burn
And the pain we hid from you
Burst out into this night
We'll look back down at you
Listen to your pleas and cries
Begging us for one last try
To make it right and turn around
I will put my foot to your throat
And plunge the knife to your heart
As you did to me
As you did to us
You thought of you as high and mighty
But on this day I'll bring you down
And throw you into hell!

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