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Tattered Tunes

A rhythm beats in my chest,

Rapidly beating, this feeling I protest.

An uttered truth of deep regret,

Shocking memories I wont forget.

Winter silently shadowing a summer day,

Trying to sleep with a false hope of everything being okay.

I keep telling myself to breathe,

As I sit in shock I don't want to believe;

And repeating to myself: "It's just a dream."

Sitting, in fear I've lost you, your name I scream.

I'm startled by the words I hear,

The rhythm in my chest beats faster with every tear.

The rhythm in my chest, now tattered and jaded;

The tune it carried, now broken and faded.

Many internal wounds, healing, many scars left behind.

Too many things we take for granted, because we are so blind.

I hope to never again be given something I cannot see,

Never again will I let some false reality bind me.



Please be nice...I know I'm no Emily Dickinson...

Tags: loss

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