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Dear Body

Dear Body,

I think I've come to terms with you.
Despite the fact that deep in my heart,
I know I still hate you
And I'm sorry for that

You have brought me this far.
So I really must thank you.
You've always been fiar to me
And I haven't always been fair to you.

I'm sorry I've misused you.
All the drugs I've taken,
The alcohol I've consumed,
The junk food I've put in you .

I'm also sorry for all the pian you've endured.
Self inflicted pain, the cuts, the burns,
Or accidental, the scrapes and bruises,
You have so many scars.

I hate how fat I think you are.
But mostly, I hate that I'm wrong.
And I hate how clumsy you are,
Even though I pretend its funny.

I hate how I've kept making promises,
To fix you. to fix us.
But I've never come through for you.
I'm sorry I've been such a failure.

Brain, I'd like to thank you the most.
You've been the best to me.
But I feel like you are dying,
And that pains me the most to say

Body, we are together forever.
I know you've treated me right
I need to start treating you better
So maybe one day, we'll be alright

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